Cooperative Marketing

Our success is determined by our client’s success. For decades we have successfully focused on the small to medium business owner. The “Mom and Pop” businesses that most ad agencies choose not to work with because of a lack of a big advertising budget. In short, the buying power of many small but reputable clients, benefits everyone involved in our cooperative effort. Hence the name, “Cooperative Marketing.”
Let’s face it, anybody can buy your media. But no other ad agency, no other media buyer can deliver your market better, smarter and more efficiently. The biggest reason is we are a small business too! We live in your world and we know the challenges that you face every day.

We have clients that have seen a 20 to 30 percent annual increase in revenue due to our TV or radio advertising.

Radio commercial production: Consumers don’t turn their radios on so they can listen to commercials. They want to be informed and entertained, and that is exactly what our radio spots do.

Television commercial production: We are experts at developing big ideas for smaller budgets, and giving them the same quality look and feel of a national TV spot. It starts with a big idea. From concept to completion we produce TV commercials that obtain a return on your investment.

If you are ready to stop believing the myth that you can’t afford advertising on the big Network Affiliate TV stations. We have weekly schedules that cost less than one penny per person. Call us today to schedule a time to meet at your convenience.